Select a location where you are golfing

Select a set from the many sets available on the location page. You can filter by Hand, Gender, Brand, Flex and Shaft type.

Once you have selected a set a page with the set details will appear along with an availability calendar.

Select your dates by clicking on the calendar day for pick-up and then the day for drop-off. (note: days that are all red mean the clubs are not available that day, partially red mean they are available for part of the day and green mean they are available all day)

Choose your pick-up and drop-off times from the drop-down selections. Your total price before tax will appear above the add to cart button.

Add this set to your cart by selecting the “add to cart” button.

You can now choose to “Add More Sets”, “View Cart”, or “Checkout”.

When you proceed to checkout you will be prompted to enter your billing information for payment.

Once payment is made you will be given a confirmation order and booking number and an automated email will be sent to you and to the store confirming your pick-up and drop-off dates as well as the description of the clubs you have ordered.